What are the terms and conditions of registering for ICF Imagine 2022?

By registering for ICF Imagine 2022, attendees agree to the terms and conditions listed on the Registration page.


I registered for ICF Imagine 2022. How do I access my receipt?

Your receipt was emailed to you in a confirmation immediately after completing registration. If you are not able to locate this receipt, please contact ICF staff via email at


What is the deadline for registration?

The registration deadlines for ICF Imagine 2022 are as follows:  

Early Bird Registration: June 1 - July 31 

Advance Registration: August 1 - October 2

Regular Registration: October 3 - October 21 


I am an accredited provider.  Where can I find my promo code for registration?  

Your promo code was sent to you via email, as well as in the ICF Coaching Education newsletter, and has been posted in the Global Knowledge Community. If you are having trouble locating your promo code, please contact us at for assistance.  


I have submitted my application for accreditation, but it has not yet been approved. Can I register as an accredited provider?   

Please contact ICF staff at


Are there scholarships to help cover the cost of attending ICF Imagine 2022? 

Scholarships are available for qualified attendees.  For more information, visit the Registration page.  Please contact ICF staff at with any questions. 

Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEs) 

How many CCE units can I earn by attending ICF Imagine 2022?  

Attendees will earn up to nine CCE units for ICF Imagine 2022, five CCE units in Core competency and four in Resource Development. Attendees will receive a certificate with their CCE, and these will be sent out to all attendees via email by mid-November.  

Program Structure, Content & Access to Sessions

How can I access the sessions?

Below are directions to access a session through the platform.

Step 1: Visit the event website,

Step 2: Click “Login” using the navigation menu

Step 3: After you have logged in, you will arrive on a page with sessions that you selected when creating your profile, and you can join your sessions from this page.

Step 4: If you do not see a session listed, you can modify your agenda (see "How do I edit my agenda?” FAQ) or visit the Education tab.

Step 5: Under the Education tab, you will see “Full Session List,” as well as individual pages for sessions according to their theme (Cultivate, Elevate, Envision). You can access sessions from any of these pages.



Step 6: Once you click on a session, the session details will pop up. The virtual session link will be on this page. Click it to view the session.

What is the difference between the three content groups?  

The program content is organized into three categories: Cultivate, Elevate and Envision. These three content groups were selected to follow the progression of a coaching education program, from its inception, curriculum and contents, to leading practices in teaching and adult learning, to envisioning the future of coaching education practices. Each session will be identified with a content group to help you choose the appropriate sessions to attend based on your current program and experience level.  


Where can I find the schedule?  

The at-a-glance schedule is available under the Education tab in the top menu bar. The detailed program schedule, including full session details, will be released mid-June. 


Will the live sessions be recorded?  

Registration includes access to all sessions. If you are unable to attend the live webinars, you will still receive a recording of the live webinars with your registration. The live webinar recordings will become available within a week of the live session. The live Roundtable Discussions and Breakout Rooms will not be recorded.  


After I register, how do I access ICF Imagine 2022?  

All sessions and events will be held on our virtual platform, Swoogo. The event platform will open in October 2022.  Please contact if you do not receive your passcode by October 10*.

*If you register between September 16 and October 21, you may receive your login information later than October 10. 


How do I edit my agenda?

Step 1: To edit your agenda, be sure you are logged in to the event platform.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, click on “My Profile” (tab at the top next to Login).



Step 3: Select “My Agenda” from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Click the “Modify Agenda” button at the top right of the page.

Step 5: You will then be directed back to the initial “Create Your Profile for ICF Imagine 2022” page. Select “Continue” on each page until you are on the “Agenda” page. Then, you can update your selections as you wish. You can click on the magnifying glass icon next to any of the session titles and times to access the session description.

Step 6: Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

Step 7: You will be navigated to a confirmation page. Changes will show in the “My Agenda” section of the website.


Can I download the recordings and watch without streaming from the internet?  

No, the videos are not downloadable. You will be able to access video recordings using our conference platform, Swoogo. 


How can I access resources and slide decks from the sessions?

Step 1: Log into the event platform.

Step 2: Click  “Education” from the top navigation menu.

Step 3: From the dropdown menu, choose “Full Session List” and then “View Session.”

Step 4: On this session page, you can access handouts, slide decks, and the session evaluation.


How can I access the virtual ICF Imagine 2022 Community?  

Attendees are  invited to continue conversations stemming from ICF Imagine in the virtual ICF Imagine 2022 Community, which is a subcommunity of the  ICF Coaching Education Global Knowledge Community. There, you can connect with other speakers and attendees and get tips for making the most of this event. Please see login instructions here. If you do not have access to the Global Knowledge Community but believe you should, please contact Community Engagement Manager Alli Lake.

Will there be translation services available during the conference? 

We will have Wordly translation available during the live sessions of the conference (keynote sessions and roundtable discussions). Wordly allows us to translate the session in real-time into more than 20 different languages. To use Wordly translation, scan the QR code on the screen or click the link provided in the chat. Select your preferred language from the drop down menu and unmute the microphone icon to listen. 

Other Questions

For any other questions, please contact ICF Coaching Education Community Engagement Manager, Alli Lake, at Please allow at least 48 hours for a reply.